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Should you have difficulties with your products, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer for support. Below we have provided for you important phone numbers and online locations of manufacturer for each of our product groups. You are also welcome to contact us for assistance at support@vinastar.com in conjunction with the manufacturer or call our office at (310) 910-3899, Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM Pacific Standard Time. We will assist our valued customers in anyway that we can to resolve your problem.  

Support for:
Contact Information
Hours of Operation

Qualstar Tape Library System

1-800-468-0680 or 805-526-7480

M-F (8am-5pm PST) 
After Hours

9-Track Tape Drive and Others...

(310) 910-3899
email: support@vinastar.com

M-F (9am-6pm PST)

All of our products have manufacturer's warranties. Should you have questions on the warranties, please contact the manufacturer at the above phone numbers and online web sites for details. As always, you can contact us at support@vinastar.com and we will be glad to assist in anyway possible.

Note that some of our products, including the Qualstar tape libraries and tape drives, have extended warranties available. We also offer on-site support for our international customers. Please ask us about it if you're interested in any of these services.
Limited Warranty Statement

Vinastar is committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers. The warranties set forth in this document are the only warranties made by Vinastar Corporation and are subject to the exclusions and limitations set forth within the Limited Warranty Statement. Please review our terms and conditions.

Warranty Period
  • 9-Track Tape Drives. The factory warranty period is two years from the original date of shipment from Vinastar to the customer.
  • Spare Parts. The factory warranty period on purchased spare parts for the 9-Track drive is 90 days from the original date of shipment from Vinastar to the customer. Factory warranty period for spare parts of products, other than the 9-Track drive, is one year from the original date of shipment from Vinastar to the customer.
  • Library Tape Drives. The factory warranty period is three years from the original date of shipment from vinastar to the customer.
  • Tape Libraries. The factory warranty period is three years from the original date of shipment from Vinastar to the customer.
Post-Warranty Service
The post-warranty services from Vinastar are on a per incident basis. A flat fee charge is applied for repairs or replacements made after the applicable factory warranty period expires.
Factory Service FAQs
  • How does Factory Service work for the 9-Track Tape Drives?

If a problem occurs, contact Vinastar's Technical Support by telephone, fax, email or the web. A CSR (Customer Service Representative) will attempt to diagnose the problem. If the issue is related to defective hardware, then the product or part may be returned to the factory for repair or replacement. A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number must be assigned before shipping the item to Vinastar. If the product or part is replaced, then the original merchandise remains with Vinastar.

  • What is the cost for Factory Service?

    There is no charge for factory service during the applicable warranty period unless warranty coverage is excluded for a reason described in the above "Limited Warranty Statement" or in the manufacturer's warranty exclusions. If you have not returned a properly completed warranty registration card to Vinastar, you may be required to present proof of purchase. For in-warranty service, you must prepay freight costs to Vinastar's office and Vinastar will return the unit via ground transportation at its expense. Out-of-warranty factory service is available at a flat fee plus applicable taxes, duties, and transportation costs.

  • What should the customer do?

    - Call Vinastar Technical Support to diagnose the problem.
    - Obtain the RMA number if the problem cannot be resolved over the phone or email communication.
    - Carefully package the product and mark the RMA number clearly on the outside of the box.
    - Ship the product to Vinastar's office prepaid. Do NOT send freight collect.

  • What will Vinastar do?

    - A CSR will attempt to diagnose the problem over the phone or email communication.
    - We will issue an RMA number if the problem cannot be resolved.
    - We will repair or replace the defective products or parts as necessary.
    - If the product is in warranty, we will return the product to you via ground transportation at our expense.

Contact Vinastar Technical Support

Telephone: (310) 910-3899 

  • Email: support@vinastar.com
  • Web site: www.vinastar.com

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