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Disk Based Backup and Storage System - Available for DAS, SAN, and NAS Environments


With up to 1.2 Terabytes of storage in a single unit, ATABaby provides intelligent RAID protection in a compact package.   More ATABaby >>>


ATABoy2 & ATABoy2x

ATABoy2 and ATABoy2x provide cost correct enterprise and departmental class ATA disk-based RAID for your SAN, NAS, or DAS environment. Advanced storage for less than 1/2 cent per Megabtye.    More ATABoy2 >>>       More ATABoy2x >>>



Get ultra-high density security with ATABeast, the industry's most advanced Enterprise ATA disk vault and winner of Best of COMDEX 2003.   More ATABeast >>>



Next generation high performance SATA storage in an ultra-dense form factor.   
More SATABlade >>>

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