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Nexsan ATABoy2x Disk Based Backup and Storage System

- Product Overview
- Advanced Features
- Technical Specifications
- TeleGuard and Nexsan GUI
- Warranty & Support

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Product Overview

ATAboy2x extends Nexsan's award-winning ATAboy� product line to meet the needs of the most demanding high performance environments. ATAboy2x delivers blazing throughput speeds along with unsurpassed features and functionality in a low profile, correct cost expandable package.

Nexsan designed the ATAboy2x for maximum flexibility and scalability. All of the critical components in the ATAboy2x, including the RAID controllers and host connections, are user-pluggable. This architecture results in reliable, fully redundant data protection while empowering users to maximize the return on their Nexsan hardware investment.

High Performance...

Designed to meet the challenges of high performance computing environments, ATAboy2x delivers unparalleled availability and performance in an ATA RAID device. With sustained throughput speeds of up to 340 MB/s per controller, ATAboy2x provides blazing performance across all standard platforms and operating systems. Dual 2Gb fibre channel connectors (per controller) enable easy and flexible implementation into a wide range of environments. ATAboy2x's unique combination of high performance and enormous capacity provides exceptional value that enhances all digital storage applications, such as live on-line data, rich media, digital film, uncompressed HD, broadcast/VOD and other mission critical applications.

Cost Correct Enterprise Class Reliability...

Nexsan's unbeatable fault tolerance results from eliminating all potential single points of failure. The advanced hardware design of the ATAboy2x is supported by Nexsan's Extreme Intelligence software, NexScan�, with sophisticated centralized management and monitoring. Tele-Guard�, Nexsan's phone home manager, provides monitoring and reporting of all system conditions. The ATAboy2x's built-in NexScan management is platform independent with an intuitive design that simplifies installation and enables remote management and configuration of multiple arrays from a single GUI.

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Advanced Features

High performance EnterpriseATA� RAID built around the latest    high-capacity disk drives.

All mission critical components, including RAID controllers, are hot    swappable and completely redundant.

NexScan�, our platform independent Web enabled GUI, provides    simple system configuration, event and component monitoring    from any standard web browser.

Multi-box capable - NexScan enables remote management and     configuration of multiple arrays from a single GUI.

Up to 32/64 LUNS
Dependable hot swapping of high capacity drives with the
   flexibility to support even higher capacities with Nexsan's
   proprietary ATAengine� with soft-reconfigurable FPGAs.
Failsafe 24/7 operation for uninterrupted business continuity.

Three Year Warranty - Advance Exchange, 24X7 Technical

High performance / High-density - ATAboy2x features 14
    drives and up to 5.6TB in only 3u of rack space.

Arrays can be configured for RAID levels 0, 1, 1+0, 4 and 5.

OS independent - No special software drivers required to
    connect to any host system.

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Technical Specifications

External Host Interface / Channels: 1Gb and 2Gb Fibre Channel
Internal Device Interface / Channels: Fourteen ATA/100 device channels.
Data Transfer Rates: Fibre: Up to 400MB/s, 340MB/s sustained per controller, 25,000 IOPS.

Current Voltage

Operating Temperature

25ºC cold start Dual PSU
4.5 A @ 115 or 2A @230 Switchable 115/230 Autoswitching/

47-63 Hz
0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
Dimensions & Weight:

19 in.
8 in.
21 in.
53 lbs

5.25 in.
19 in.
21 in.
46 lbs

8 in.
19 in.
21 in.
53 lbs

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TeleGuard and Nexsan GUI

TeleGuard - Phone Home...

Tele-Guard is Nexsan Technologies' phone home feature incorporated within the InfiniSAN line of storage solutions. Utilizing NexScan�, our WEB enabled GUI (Graphical User Interface), you can access your system from any standard internet browser. In addition, NexScan� is platform independent and can be accessed directly from a host computer or over a LAN or WAN. No software patches required.

NexScan� uses standard html eliminating any need for special client software. Tele-Guard� monitors all system parameters and you can select either single or multiple user alerts to be sent via ' Plain English ' e-mails, Internet based SMS notification or Tele-Guard's� pager support.

Nexsan GUI - Configuration and Management...

NexScan� is our embedded WEB enabled GUI ( Graphical User Interface ). Platform independent. Access your system from any standard internet browser or from any host computer either directly connected or via a LAN or WAN. No software or patches required.

Additional access via the RS-232 serial port or network interface to    an ANSI terminal or emulator.

Event log for all significant events stored on disk.

Single click access to summary of all problems and warnings.

Array is verified before being put into production; automatic "parity
   scrub" (array verify) is performed as a background task every 24
   hours thereafter.

Shows status of disk drives, power supplies, fans, RAID controller.     Information is automatically refreshed at a settable interval.

Complete hardware status page lists all significant hardware
   conditions such as voltages, temperature, battery mode, cache
   settings, network settings, and blower RPM.

Supports automatic IP address assignment via DHCP,
   manually using IP Gleaning, over serial port, or via web page.

Cache management page allows configuration of Cache as    enabled or disabled, or remotely settable via standard SCSI    commands

Configure and monitor subsystem using any standard web
SCSI ID, maximum transfer rate, and termination can be     individually set for each Host Port (InfiniSAN-2s only).
SMART environmental monitoring support.

DNS support for symbolic addresses.

Build RAID sets (and set RAID level and stripe size), partition    RAID sets into Volumes, map Volumes to LUNs and Host    Ports, and manage Spares.

For each drive, complete Model Name, Capacity, Serial
   Number, and Firmware Revision is reported along with errors
   and retries, if any.

Alerts and warnings sent out using SMTP email alerts with    problem summary, hyperlink to the enclosure management    page, plus user-defined fields.

Extra security feature requires manual confirmation of
   destructive media operations.

Battery-backed Real Time Clock/Calendar is used to time     stamp all major events.

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Warranty & Support

Three Years Advance Replacement Warranty:
The ATABoy2 storage systems are warranted fully for three full years from the date of shipment by the manufacturer. Upon verification of failure, replacement equipment will be shipped out to our customers in advance of receiving the defective subassembly. Return material authorizations will accompany all equipment shipped and is issued by our Vinastar technical support staff at (310) 337-0803.

On Location Pre-Exchange Program:
An industry first program for maximum protection of critical storage devices, this program provides customers with an on location unit that features fully redundant fail-over hardware including the chassis for a nominal annual charge. This program enables our customers to have in their rack chassis a fully implemented system. Along with the manufacturer 24-hour free phone support and Vinastar's support, customers can now be assured of rapid resolution to any problem. Defective components can then be advance replaced for constant availability.

On Site Warranty:
We offer the manufacturer World Wide On-Site support seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day with a next business day response. (Some countries vary, please contact our Vinastar office or call (310) 337-0803 for specific regional details).

Telephone Support:
Vinastar provides telephone technical support, in addition to the manufacturer Nexsan Technologies who offers multiple regional Support centers in North America, United Kingdom and Central Europe. Please contact Vinastar technical support at support@vinastar.com or call (310) 337-0803.

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