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Nexsan ATABeast Disk Based Backup and Storage System

- Product Overview
- Key Benefits
Advanced Features
- Technical Specifications
- Warranty & Support

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Product Overview

Unleash the power of the ATABeast® disk vault from Nexsan Technologies, the first true online disk-based tape library replacement. Built upon Nexsan's groundbreaking EnterpriseATA� technology, ATABeast® delivers industry leading features with unparalleled density and security at a TCO less than tape. ATABeast® maximizes the return on your storage hardware investment.

Unleash the Beast...

  Near-line storage. You no longer need to store important data on slow and inaccessible media such as tape or optical. Now    that data can be protected in a full featured disk array.
  D2D- Disk to Disk Backup. Online access to data means superior business continuity. The ATABeast® provides the speed,    redundancy and availability to deliver superior disk-based backup with greater density and less cost than tape libraries.
  Secondary Storage. The enterprise class features and performance of the ATABeast® enable large file repositories for
   thousands of users to be stored on a single system
. The high IOPS rating of the ATABeast® makes it perfect in any data
  Video or Audio Archive. The unmatched capacity of the ATABeast® easily handles the largest files. Massive video and
 audio archives can be stored and instantly accessed for play-on-demand applications.

Cost Correct Enterprise Class Reliability...

Unsurpassed fault tolerance results from utilizing redundancy, advanced ATA disk drives and the latest in RAID technology. The Nexsan designed GUI interface, NexScan�, provides our industry with the latest in centralized management and monitoring features for all Nexsan subsystems. Tele-Guard�, Nexsan's phone home manager, provides operator selectable parameters monitoring all system conditions. Tele-Guard� provides the vehicle to notify single or multiple system operators of any user defined, system triggered event. In addition to supporting On-Line Hot-Swap for all active components, the ATABeast's unique run-time diagnostics and error handling software monitors automatic fail over initiation for all active components.ATABeast's ATA disk-based systems provide the maximum uptime operation and data protected environment available today.

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Key Benefits
 Utilizing Nexsan's EnterpriseATA� technology, all individual    ATABeast components are fully redundant and hot swappable.    This advanced design provides increased ROI by eliminating the    need to replace an entire multi-drive blade should a single drive    fail.

With rack space an expensive premium and storage demands    climbing by 50% per year, the ATABeast's unique top load design    achieves maximum density in a very compact footprint.

The ATABeast ensures dependable hot-swapping of drives by    combining a custom unitized ATA connector specially designed    for drive-plugging operations and an electronic soft-start    capability that further enhances reliability.

Dual controllers using Nexsan's award winning EnterpriseATA�    design provide excellent performance with 42 spindles that can    be segmented into multiple RAID sets or a single large storage    pool.

ATABeast has full cache coherency design to ensure data    integrity even with power loss.
ATABeast is the ideal platform for deep archiving and disk-    based backup:
   - Timed online replication system w/ multi-version control        where your files reside and are accessed in native file        format.
   - Provides immediate file access eliminating "Fire Drill"        restores.

Auto-rescan initiates automatic system scans for real-time     "Correct Status" reporting for all RAID arrays.

The ATABeast's NexScan management interface is built into    the ATABeast controller, alleviating the need to have a    separate server or application manage the storage array.    This sophisticated management utility monitors and reports    the status of all subsystems over a 10/100-network port.    Included in NexScan are Tele-Guard, Nexsan's phone-home    feature for user notification of errors or prediction of error,    and WorldView, our multi-box feature.

LUN Masking and Mapping allows users to easily configure    the 16.8TB of disk capacity for dozens of servers or one.    Maximize your investment. Add drives on the fly to your array.

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Advanced Features

  Enterprise Class Deep Vault Storage Array built around the latest     ATA high-speed disk drives.

OS independent. No special software drivers or server-based         management applications to support the ATABeast.

Online ATABeast delivers access to data up to 100 times faster     than tape libraries.

Hot-pluggable drives, controllers and power supplies.

WorldView� - Provides ability to manage and configure multiple    units from a single GUI.

Single or dual RAID controllers.

Auto-negotiating host speed.

Supports RAID 0, 1, 1+0, 4 and 5 / 32 LUNS supported
   per controller.

Supports multiple RAID sets and multiple partitions per set.

RS232 Management available.
Ideal for high capacity applications - D2D, Digital Video,    CCTV, online archives.
Supports LUN security.

LUN Masking.

High IOPS performance -- all 42 drives can be active

Anti-Rotational Vibration (ARV) design enables maximum

Horizontal midplane design promotes superior airflow and    alleviates insertion stress points.

Fully scalable with internal capacity expansion - 10.5TB
   using 250GB drives, 16.8TB using 400GB drives.

Up to 168TB in one data center rack.

Embedded web-browsable GUI over 10/100 port, supports
   email alerts and SNMP traps

Three n+1 450 watt power supplies with tachometer-
    monitored blowers to provide maximum power and cooling

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Technical Specifications

External Host Interface / Channels: Dual 2-gigabit Fibre Channel host ports SFP LC per controller Single or Dual controllers.
Internal Device Interface / Channels: Forty-two ATA/100 or 133 device channels.
Current Voltage Nominal Peak
  500 watts
4.5 A @ 115VAC
2.5 A @ 230 VAC
1700 BTU/hour
750 watts
6.5 A @ 115VAC
3.5 A @ 230 VAC
1700 BTU/hour
Dimensions & Weight:
7 in. (4U)
fits in standard 19� EIA rack with supplied mounting rails
29.5 in.
72.5 lbs (without disk drives)

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Warranty & Support

Three Years Advance Replacement Warranty:
The ATABeast storage systems are warranted fully for three full years from the date of shipment by the manufacturer. Upon verification of failure, replacement equipment will be shipped out to our customers in advance of receiving the defective subassembly. Return material authorizations will accompany all equipment shipped and is issued by our Vinastar technical support staff at (310) 337-0803.

On Location Pre-Exchange Program:
An industry first program for maximum protection of critical storage devices, this program provides customers with an on location unit that features fully redundant fail-over hardware including the chassis for a nominal annual charge. This program enables our customers to have in their rack chassis a fully implemented system. Along with the manufacturer 24-hour free phone support and Vinastar's support, customers can now be assured of rapid resolution to any problem. Defective components can then be advance replaced for constant availability.

On Site Warranty:
We offer the manufacturer World Wide On-Site support seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day with a next business day response. (Some countries vary, please contact our Vinastar office for specific regional details).

Telephone Support:
Vinastar provides telephone technical support, in addition to the manufacturer Nexsan Technologies who offers multiple regional Support centers in North America, United Kingdom and Central Europe. Please contact Vinastar technical support at support@vinastar.com or call (310) 337-0803.

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