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Nexsan ATABaby Disk Based Backup and Storage System

- Product Overview
Advanced Features
- Technical Specifications
- Warranty & Support

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Product Overview

ATAbaby continues Nexsan's tradition of technical innovation and correct cost pricing to deliver the best in form and function now. The ATAbaby disk based storage solution utilizes the latest advancements in ATA technology to help expand your storage capacity, improve business continuance, and increase your ROI. ATAbaby's high capacity and very affordable price point make it the ideal storage platform for small to medium business environments.

With up to 1.2 Terabyte of storage in a single unit, ATAbaby provides intelligent RAID protection for your valuable data in a compact package. Perfect for primary storage or as an ideal vehicle for disk-to-disk backup, ATAbaby enhances your ability to ensure uninterrupted workflow.

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Advanced Features

  Wide Ultra2 SCSI host port (backwards compatible with single     ended).

Dual-stack VHDCI SCSI connector.

Hexidecimal Pushbutton for SCSI ID (0 through F).

Easy rack or table top installation (detachable rack ears provided).

Dual status LEDs for each drive.

Four independent ATA disk channels.

RAID 0, 5, and JBOD (4 LUNs).
Supports SCSI Enclosure Services (SES) for in-band status     reporting.

Configuration using external 2 position DIP switch.

Serial port GUI available for status information.

Drives and controller dock into midplane -- no internal data    cables.

Very quiet operation.

32MB cache.

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Technical Specifications

External Host Interface / Channels: Wide Ultra2 SCSI SE/LVD host port.
Internal Device Interface / Channels: Four ATA/133 device channels.
Data Transfer Rates: -  80 MB/s peak, 30 MB/s read and 20 MB/s write on RAID 0 and JBOD
-  18 MB/s writes on RAID 5

Current Voltage

Operating Temperature

150W power supply
4.5 A @ 115 or 2A @230 Switchable 115/230 Optional
Autoranging with Power Factor Correction

47-63 Hz
5°C to 40°C
Dimensions & Weight:
1.7 in. (1U)
17 in.
12.5 in.

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Warranty & Support

One Year Advance Replacement Warranty:
Nexsan Technologies ATAbaby storage solution is warranted fully for one year from the date of shipment. Upon verification of failure, replacement equipment will be shipped out to our customers in advance of receiving the defective subassembly. Return material authorizations will accompany all equipment shipped and is issued by our Vinastar technical support staff at (310) 337-0803.

Telephone Support:
Vinastar provides telephone technical support, in addition to the manufacturer Nexsan Technologies who offers multiple regional Support centers in North America, United Kingdom and Central Europe. Please contact Vinastar technical support at support@vinastar.com or call (310) 337-0803.

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