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  Vinastar Supports Charitable Causes

  Under-Priviledged Children of Vietnam

Throughout the years, Vinastar has consistently visited and contributed to various orphanages and shelters in Vietnam. We inform you of this fact not to boast about our contribution but for you to be aware of the situations in Vietnam, where so many young children are in need of your help just to receive the basics of life. We feel that this our personal and business obligation to ensure that these under-privileged children are allowed a fighting chance at life and perhaps, even to prosper. If you would like to contribute to these causes through Vinastar or through any other sources, we highly recommend and praise you for this effort. You are welcome to contact us to inquire more about our causes at info@vinastar.com.

Mai Am Nhat Hong (Blind Orphanage)- cared by Catholic Nuns

Hoa Hong Nho (Little Roses- Abused Girls' Shelter)

Learning to sew as a career trade at Little Roses Shelter

All Girls Orphanage - celebrating Full Moon Festival

All Boys Orphanage - cared by Buddist Monks and helpers

School time at the orphanage

Lunch time at the Boys Orphanage

Saying goodbye to Vinastar staff

Poor children on Vietnam streets, having a small feast with boiled duck eggs. Vinastar staff had given them many food choices but they unwaveringly requested for the boiled duck eggs speciality. For this short moment, the children were happy being children.


In appreciation to Mr. Nick (La Cienega Partner, LLC),
a Vinastar customer, for his generous contribution.
August 2003.



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