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Autoloader TLS 6101 - DLT Tape Drive

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Qualstar DLT Tape Drive
Model 6101 - Desktop Autoloader

QUALSTAR DLT Tape Drive - Autoloader DLT Desktop Drive
  • The 6101 is an ideal backup and archiving solution for your individual servers and workstations
  • Capacity ranges from 20 gigabytes to 320 gigabytes, and throughput over 115 gigabytes per hour can be achieved using compression
  • DLT tape drives are supported by every UNIX, NT, or NetWare platform, and all backup and archive applications

The 6101 is the right desktop DLT tape drive for users who anticipate upgrading to autoloaders or libraries in the near future. The 6101 uses the same automation model DLT8000 or SDLT tape drive and library-ready mounting enclosure as our TLS-6000 Series DLT Tape Libraries. Your investment is protected and the useful life of the tape drive is extended as systems expansion requires automation solutions. Converting the 6101 to library use takes under a minute, then just slide the drive assembly into one of the five TLS-6000 automation models.












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