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                         Qualstar Tape Library Systems

    Qualstar Tape Library Product Families
 Now Available ! RLS-Series Rackmount Automated Tape Libraries. Five models yielding capacities up to 22 Terabytes (native).
TLS-8000 Series for LTO offers superior performance and value for LTO Ultrium tape users. With capacities from 1.1 TB to over 52 TB.
TLS-6000 Series for DLT offers superior performance and value for DLT and SuperDLT tape users. With capacities from 350 GB to over 76 TB.
TLS-5000 Series for SAIT is the first family of Automated Tape Libraries using Sony�s new SAIT (SuperAIT) tape drive technology to deliver ultra-dense enterprise class backup and near online data storage solutions.
TLS-4000 Series for AIT offers twelve TLS-Series models provide scalable capacities from 400 gigabytes to over 156 terabytes.
SANSmart Fibre Channel Option. TLS-Series SANSmartSM automated tape libraries are ideally suited to Storage Area Network (SAN) applications.

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