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SANSmart Fibre Channel Option

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Qualstar SANSmart automated tape libraries are ideally suited to Storage Area Network (SAN) applications, especially the latest serverless backup storage management applications. SANs are sub-nets that enable key storage resources like tape libraries and disk arrays to be shared among multiple servers and clients without impacting the "primary" network. SANs provide separate, dedicated high-speed pathways tailored specifically to storage access and storage management.

Serverless backup uses the SCSI extended copy command to control data transfers between storage devices on the SAN without the backup data passing through the backup server. Backup time is shortened and the load on the backup server is greatly reduced.

SAN technology, based on Fibre Channel, is being adopted by other applications, including video serving, image and document archiving, and storage migration.

SANs deliver fast data transfer speeds, improved availability, and enhanced application performance. SAN architectures eliminate constraints of distance, scalability, and connectivity. SANSmart single- and dual-channel Fibre Channel Options (FCO) deliver the performance and connectivity that SAN-based backup applications require. Over thirty Qualstar Simply Reliable tape library models deliver data transfer rates exceeding 2.2 terabytes per hour and storage capacities over 340 terabytes.


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