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9-Track Buy-Back Program

The Buy-Back Program is extended only for the Qualstar 9-Track 3400 Series Tape Drive product. This program allows you to sell your old or unneeded tape drive. We also suggest our Trade-In Program if you're interested in a new and better tape drive.

The buy-back value can be up to $600 (Six hundred) USD for used 9-Track Drive depending on the condition of the unit.

Vinastar will perform an inspection upon receipt of your product. Since the condition of your product determines its buy-back value, you must accurately state your current product's condition. The four condition levels include:

  • Excellent -- the product is in excellent working condition and needs no refurbishment. The body of the product is clean (i.e., no smudges, ink marks, dents, stickers, or scratches).
  • Good -- the body of the products has only minor blemishes (i.e., smudges, ink marks, dents, stickers, or scratches). The product has no technical problems (i.e., it does not make noise, run slowly, is not missing pieces, etc.).
  • Fair -- the product has no major technical problems, it turns on and is in working condition, but has cosmetic defects.
  • Poor - the product has major technical problems and is not in working condition.

Please fill out the form below and provide the requested information about your unit and we will provide you the buy-back value.

Note: Buy-back value is determined at the complete discretion of Vinastar and is subject to change without notice and may be withdrawn at any time. Vinastar will not be
responsible for shipping cost.

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